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Flower 11/23/2020

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$ 25.00
2020 PREMIUM Potent CHARLOTTE outdoor flower
(great nose, potent terpenes, 17% total CBD!)
D8 sprayable, smokable, or rolling, etc...
100 lbs for $2500 ($25/lb!!!)
Priority shipping is $11/lb. or arrange for pickup

2020 Matterhorn CBG flower
D8 sprayable, smokable, or pre-roll CBG flower.
100 lbs for $2500 ($25/lb!!!)
Priority shipping is $11/lb. or arrange for pickup

50gram sample of any strain with free shipping for $20

Our flower is slow-cured and available for purchase. PREMIUM quality buds, NO seeds, NO pesticides, Nitrogen packed and preserved for freshness! Hand and machine trimmed.
Paradise Naturals LLC
credit card, Ach wire.

: Jeremy

QUALITY PRODUCTS CBD or CBG flower for great BULK SALE price! 100 lbs for just $2500! only 800lbs remaining.

CALL or TEXT 801-901-3830. Email is

We are the farm and we have straight shooter business practices only.

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