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Distillate 874 12/13/2019

We currently have inventory of CO2 processed hemp derived oils from crude all the way to remediated t-free distillate. All products are high quality and custom formulations are available upon request. We also offer tolling from hemp to any desired end product. We do custom formulations into tinctures, balms, salves, blends, and more!

70%+ CBD Crude as low as $400 per kilogram, minimum order 1kg
80%+ CBD Distillate as low as $1000 per killogram minimum order 500grams
82%+ CBD Non-Detectable THC as low as $2000 per kilogram, minimum order 100grams


Tolling available as low as $12/input put pound plus refinement. Splits considered!
MBX Industries LLC
We accept cash, check, credit cards, and most online payments.

: MBXindustries

Colorado Springs, CO

We're a full service lab in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We welcome our clients to come visit our facility, request samples of the products and see the quality for themselves. Please reach out for our pricing tables for all our products or our toll processing rates. If you have something more specialized, set up a time for us to discuss your project and we'll let you know what we can do!

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