Neil Stevenson


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Viable Seed 79 02/11/2020

$ 400.00
1-10 pounds $500 per pound
10-25 pounds $450 per pound
25-50 pounds $400 per pound
50+ pounds $300 per pound
COAs available upon request
Pine Rose LLC
1 pound
bank wire, paypal

: Neil Stevenson

Trumansburg, NY

We grew RN on over 100 acres in upstate NY. Our PineRose RN was beautiful, pest resistant, and very hearty. Situated on our family dairy farm our fertile land produced fantastic CBD biomass and seedstock for the upcoming year for ourselves as well as for other farms. This seed variety would do well for a small grow operation, as well as larger scale operations. We chose to grow large scale by both mechanically planting and harvesting. Planting in a traditional way, as a row crop without remediating males, gives a quality biomass. With seed remediation after harvest you can expect approximately 5% CBD content and to be compliant with the -. 3% THC requirements. Growing in this style is less labor and cost for growers and farmers. Allowing easier transition into the Hemp industry for conventional farmers, you don’t need fancy equipment for this method. We are happy to discuss planting methods with buyers. The farmer can direct seed and mechanically harvest eliminating major labor cost.
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