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Flower 1034 07/17/2019

$ 2.00
The Bulk Biomass available was grown using natural and sustainable practices. There is a great terpene profile to this biomass. It looks and smells amazing. Runs great. This product is ideal for pre-roll use since we are offering it in bulk. There is some slight stalk and stem so potency is lower between 3-4% CBD. Biomass will come packed in 50 lb cubes as shown in the pictures which makes for tremendously easy shipping. Product is ready to go. Contact us with questions (508) 450- 2720
Point3 Farma
FEIN 83-2660877

: Malcolm

Center, CO

Point3 Farma offers its customers a vertically-integrated source for their CBD requirements. With high-CBD hemp under cultivation in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, and major extraction and processing capacity, Point3 Farma stands as a dependable, large-scale supplier of CBD distillate and isolate to major producers of CBD-based consumer products.
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