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Flower 03/14/2020

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$ 850.00
Straight from THE LAB, using a 100% solventless, proprietary GAS infusion process, we are able to make our bud look, smoke, and feel just like THC!

Because of our amazing proprietary process (which we cannot disclose details sorry) we don't even need to add kief or terpenes, as it preserves the original aromatic terpenoid structure and frostiness of the bud.

This is the Best Delta 8 flower out there or your money back! (Terms and conditions apply)

Try it for yourself and order a sample 1/4 lb for $200!

Absolutely amazing

Until its in your hands, you don't know what you are missing!!

Call me or text me to order now!
Same day and overnight shipping? YES!
We are apart of the USPS Hemp program!
All packages insured and guarunteed!
3235474455 - vicki
1 lb
Zelle, Credit Card, Venmo, PayPal.

: Victoria

SoCal Frosty dense D8 Bud.
Beautiful Top Shelf Flower!
Samples available!
Pungent Sour Limonene Terpene Profile
Best Strain in the House

Delta 8 frosted snoop has a very bright green look, and nice pungent smell.

Well cured and grown in Santa Barbara, this frosted snoop is sure to delight the top SATIVA Smokers.

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