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Owls Delta 8 cartridges
7 flavors available right now.
1ml per cart

These are not your average cartridge. There is strain etching on each cartridge and also batch numbers etched on each cartridge.

Each cartridge come in child proof packaging and is sealed with a cann verify label so you know what your getting is real and not fake. The plastic tubes are reclaimed ocean plastic and made in USA.

Cartridges are tested for potency, terpenes, solvents, pesticides and heavy metals. Please note the test cart was left for 6 weeks to make sure there was no heavy metal leaching over time.

Flavors available

Please see here for more photos of carts and packaging

Gummies are 500mg per pack. 10 x 50mg gummies. These gummies contain real fruit flavors and grass fed gelatin free from antibiotics and steriods, no high fructose corn syrup, nitrites or other fillers. All gummies come in childproof packaging with cann verify.

For more information such as hemp license, oil potency, gummies please see here

Owls 10mg Delta 8 Nano Capsules
10mg per capsule , great for finding the right dose.
Proendo Wholesale
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: Luke

Ashland, OR

Welcome to this amazing new cannabinoid delta 8.
Delta 8 is very similar to delta 9 but without out the cloudiness that delta 9 can often bring. We are here to answer any questions just give me a call.

For more product photos please visit us @owlsoil
For our weekly youtube video search for owls TV
For quick product update go to twitter and search for owls oil.
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