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Anticipation of iPhone 12 to Get Curved Screen is Not very far From its Reality


Although iPhone has not made its presence in the market, there are speculations about its successor,the iPhone, to come up with curved screen. Such rumors which are based on some solid evidences spread very fast in a short time. We can guess which applications we will be able to use, which call recording to use, which photo processing application to choose, but about the new product, Apple, as always, keeps it a secret until September. There are very renowned sources which can smell what is cooking very accurately and the curved screen for iPhone is the hottest rumor every one is talking about in the market alleys and in the downtown lanes.


The present rumor is highly trustworthy because its origin is believed to be from Apple’s Supply chain, which has Taiwanese connection.


There is also possibility conceived that the Apple’s next new products shall be featuring curved screen having touch screen functionality also in them.


Apple has contacted in this connection the Lens Technology companies i.e. G-Tech and Fuji Crystal who shall be responsible for supplying of the required equipment for polishing the curved glass.

The comments received from the users talk about the great comfort they shall feel with curved glass of iPhone. Due to presence of groove there is protection from the scratches.

The speculation is that the Apple’s team involved in designing is focused presently on the new iOS device having curved screen in an attempt to match up with Nexus S. The indirect guessing focuses attention on iPhone to adopt the latest feature of its curved screen. This speculation speaks also about the next iPhone or iPad to make their appearances with curved screen feature nicknamed the curvesome. There is great anxiety and anxiousness about the curved screen feature coming soon in the latest apple devices.


Apple Orders Machines for making Curved Screen

The curved screen speculation has a base on the past rumors in the month of May that Apple had made the purchase of 200 to 300 glass cutting machines, specializing in cutting of glass of the curved screens, which earlier the rumor related to its application in providing curved screens for iPhone. Due to some internal reasons the iPhone having missed the opportunity the next use of curved screen can be related to iPhone, which is scheduled to be in the market in 2022.


The present rumor also makes mention of the Apple’s help to the display manufacturers so that they go ahead in purchasing the required equipment for production of curved glass displaying capability within their manufacturing facilities, because they shall be required to produce now curved displays the new planned feature for iPhone.


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