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Flower 483 09/10/2019

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1lb $1600ea
5lbs $1450ea
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All Natural Farms

: Lee Vantine

Charlotte, NC

4 indoor hydroponically grown strains currently available:

Cherry Wine - contains 16.48% total Cannabinoids, 14.2% CBD-a, and 0.13% Δ9-THC
Hawaiian Haze - contains 23.3% total Cannabinoids, 21.43% CBD-a, and 0.08% Δ9-THC
Lifter - contains 20.5% total Cannabinoids, 18.91% CBD-a, and 0.08% Δ9-THC
Suver Haze - contains 18.7% total Cannabinoids, 17.18% CBD-a, and 0.02% Δ9-THC

**Full lab test results are available for all strains and provided with every purchase.**

Prices start at $1600/lb

Sourced by All Natural Farms, these hydroponically-grown INDOOR hemp strains are superior to outdoor and greenhouse hemp due to temperature, humidity, and light control; elimination of nearly all pests; and careful attention paid by cannabis experts from clone creation to the final product - beautiful smokeable hemp flower. They are machine trimmed, small to large trichome covered buds. Superior to outdoor grown varieties of these strains, they are attractive for sale by weight or in prerolls.
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Raw and lightly-processed
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