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Flower 301 02/11/2020

$ 195.00
Suver Haze Trim Flower
10 to 20 lbs $195/lb
21 to 50 lbs $185/lb
51 to 100 lbs $175/lb
101 to 1000 lbs $165/lb

Hand Shucked Biomass
Availability: 10,000 lbs
CBD Potency 19%
Price per lb: $25

Milled Biomass with Stem
Availability: 30,000 lbs
CBD Potency at 8%
Price per lb: $8
Natures Cropland
Natures Cropland
10 lbs
Bank to Bank Transfer, Online Payment Services

: Ryan

Amity, OR

Craft cultivated and cured, Nature’s Cropland partners with quality hemp processors and top shelf dispensaries to bring the premium CBD rich hemp flowers and products to their consumer customers.

Our premium flowers are handled with the utmost care. The top colas are removed by hand from ripe plants and placed in clean, darkened heat and humidity controlled rooms, and slow cured for maximum smoothness and flavor.

We only grow terpene rich, high CBD quality cured bulk hemp, dried plant and material. Our plants produce oil with high CBD content and low THC levels according to the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s laws and regulations.

Strains Available:
Suver Haze at 19%

Please feel free to reach out though phone or email for any questions.
Thank you for your time,
Ryan Clothier
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