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Viable Seed 1146 06/11/2019

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Trilogene Seeds

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Denver, Colorado

We are a team of award winning growers & breeders feminizing high cannabinoid varieties for optimal extraction and post refinement efficiency. Headquartered in Arvada, CO we are creating cultivars that maximize stability and innovation with our dedicated team of strategic partners and friends.

- Kris Kringle (cherry x boax)
- Purple Berry (purple rain x berry blossom)
- Berry wine (berry blossom x cherry wine)
- Berry Boax (berry blossom x boax)
- Sweetberry grass (berry blossom x sweet grass)
- Rain berry (Chardonnay x cherry wine x berry blossom)
- Early berry (early bird x berry blossom)
- Cat's blossom (cats meow x berry blossom)

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