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We’re receiving a lot of calls from companies purchasing USED bags and paying a premium price. All of our bags are brand new and favorably priced. Be careful of contaminating your product with used bags. View

Accessories 2036 08/29/2019

Large variety of options in stock. Sizes range from 35 inches tall to 72 inches. Multiple top and bottom configurations available.
RDH Packaging
On Request
$ 7.00
200,000 bags in stock
Not Applicable
Not Applicable

: RDH Packaging

Berthoud, Grand Junction, CO

A premier full service packaging supplier since 1998. We carry an extensive inventory of bulk bags also known as Super Sacks and FIBCs. We also have stretch wrap, pallet covers, liners and other products used in packaging. If we don’t have what you need we will help you find it.

Call for quote:
Trish Beckvermit 970-532-3908
Teresa Howitt 970-243-6217
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