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Flower 01/13/2021

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$ 150.00
3 strains available, Lifter, Sour Space Candy, CBG White. Very nice Central Oregon product/family operated and owned.. available now, shipping to be arranged by the buyer..call for more information and photos. Hang dried, very clean hand bucked and ready for the next step or we can take it to whatever level you would like depending on price..we also have trimmed flower, top level bi-mass, Kief, shake ready for smokeables (pipe and cigarettes), just about all your needs, we can fill..just give us a call at 541-419-3637 Mike or 541-420-5353 Jason.
Iron Feather Ranch
AG-R1071902HGS, AG-1071901/HG
Not Applicable
1 lb.
TBD call seller

: Huddleston, Michael L.

Grown on our farm, great tests, nice product, all hand bucked under nitrogen, very very clean and ready for the trimmer..We take pride in our product, it is family operated and owned..we are looking for long term outlets that take pride in their market products..for more information and photos please call 541-419-3637 or 541-420-5353 and speak to Mike or Jason

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