Colleen Avery


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Flower 292 10/14/2019

$ 500.00

1,000 lbs of Crawford Brothers "Lifter" Total CBD 15.8%

1,000 lbs of Sour Space Candy Total CBD 12.5%

Hand Trimmed Flower $600 per lb.

Dried and Bucked Flower $300 per lb.

Machine Trim $500 per lb.
Red Buttes Ranch, LLC

: Colleen Avery

Applegate, Oregon

Red Buttes Ranch is a family owned, self-sustaining organic farm in the beautiful Applegate Valley located in Southern Oregon. This area is known for its weather and our Hemp thrives on the warm days of summer and cool nights. Our soil and plants are never treated with any pesticides and our water is irrigated out of the pristine Upper Applegate River.
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