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65%+ CBD Crude Winterized Decarbed Extract - $150/kg
60%+ CBD Non-Detect Winterized Decarbed Crude Extract - $700/kg
83%+ CBD Full Spectrum Distillate - $300/kg
86%+ CBD USDA Certified Organic Full Spectrum Distillate - $1,200/kg
99%+ CBD Isolate - $425/kg
99%+ CBG Isolate - $1600/kg
98%+ CBN Distillate - $7,000/kg
99%+ CBC Isolate - $9,000/kg
20% Water Soluble CBD Liquid, Non Detect - $1,700/kg
20% Water Soluble CBD Powder, 3% Minors - $1,900/kg
99%+ Solventless Non-Detect CBD Distillate - $1100/kg
99%+ Solventless USDA Organic Non-Detect CBD Distillate - $2,500/kg
99%+ Solventless USDA Organic CBD Isolate - $3,000/kg
Minor cannabinoid distillate and isolates available and customizable.
White labeling and retail products available for bulk purchase.

All pricing is based on orders between 5kg and 30kg. Pricing above 30kg per order available upon request. Pricing below 5kg per order is a 20% increase in list prices above.
Resonate Foods LLC
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: Resonate Foods LLC

We are a USDA certified organic hemp producer in West Kentucky. We have built a dependable hemp supply chain from seed to oil by assembling a strong network of productive organic and conventional farmland, instituting the most advanced material handling and quality control systems, and working with the best cGMP and certified USDA organic hemp processors in the country. We have thousands of kilograms of extracts in stock and available for sale now, primarily from OregonCBD genetics (Lifter, Suver Haze, Hawaiian Haze). We are in search of long-term partners who need stability and transparency in their supply chain. We offer simple and straightforward contracts and smooth customer transactions on spot and re-occurring buys.

Please also inquire about biomass opportunities from our 2020 hemp crop. Several million lbs. available. COAs available now.

Please call, text or email anytime, we look forward to meeting you. (270) 681-0282 or

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