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Distillate 685 11/11/2019

Full Spectrum Distillate - $1,700/kg.
240 kilograms available
Resonate Foods LLC
1 kg
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: Resonate Foods LLC

Eddyville, Kentucky

Resonate has a large lot of craft hemp full spectrum distillate available. The distillate was extracted from biomass we grew ourselves using organic methods. There are no pesticides or contaminants in this distillate, it is a very high quality material. 83% CBD, 3.3% CBC, and 1% CBG on average, as well as some other small minors.

The distillate was extracted from OregonCBD Suver Haze and thus has a nice terpene profile as well as high minor cannabinoids. High volume discounts are available for bulk buyers. COAs upon request.

Additional product information can be found on our website at
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