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Flower 09/28/2020

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$ 250.00
Indoor, Greenhouse and Outdoor Grown, Oregon, Colorado, & Tennessee Strains Available. From 15% to 26% Total Cannabinoids!
We have Greenhouse and Outdoor Flower available from $200 to $600! All Transactions Secured By Electronic Check, Federally Protected by The FDIC!
Reward Associates LLC DBA Reward Botanicals
5 Pounds
Electronic Check/ACH, (Federally Protected, FDIC)

: Richard Ward

***Assorted Pre-Rolls, In Tubes, $1 Each, Minimum 100***

@@@Premium Greenhouse Smalls, double hand trimmed, $100 Per Pound, Minimum 3 Pounds.@@@

$$$* IN STOCK! Delta 8 Gummies, On Sale NOW, 100 Minimum, Extra Discounts for 1000/5000/10,000*$$$

Flower Strains: Over 20 Varieties from Premium Farms,
200-300 Pounds In Stock.
Office Hours, Mon-Sat, 10 AM - 5 PM, CST

Please Email Us: for Info.
***PLEASE Include your Contact Info & Cell Number
We send our link to CoA's and Current Pricelist.
We provide all of our Business Info to Customers,
We can only sell Wholesale to Companies that share Business Contact Info.

Our Main Line, Text/Call 615-823-4423, Please tell us your Company Name.

*All Transactions are Secured by Electronic Checks/ACH (E-Checks)

Our Lab in Middle TN Specializes in Formulations with CBD, CBG, Essential Oils, Terpenes etc. offering Wholesale, White Label and More. We can email the current Flower, Wholesale and/or White Label Pricelist.

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