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Equipment 07/09/2021

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For both ExtraKLab-1 140 Series CO2 Extraction Machines and w/ Polyscience Model DTA504B Chiller please call Dereck 808-346-6752

Will consider selling separately. Call for details.

Available immediately, ready to be packed and shipped from Colorado Springs. Arrange for shipping or pickup.
American White Label CBD
American White Label CBD
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: Robert Schentrup

The 2 ExtraKLab-1 140 Series CO2 Extraction Machines, are both 16 months old and have had light to moderate use during this time period. The 140 series extractor utilizes two 20L extraction vessels and up to 4 collectors. High throughput utilizing 23sq. The pump is industrial grade and weighted at 5,000 PSI. Built-in WIFI controls.

View link for more product specifications:

Polyscience Model DTA504B Chiller runs anti-freeze through the extractors at a pressure of 4000 PSI. This chiller is big enough to support both extractor machines.

Please text Dereck 808-346-6752 for more information or to order

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