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$ 35.00
All prices are for 3.5 gram jars and 7 gram jars. HARVESTED 2 WEEKS AGO, LIMITED QUANTITY.
- 3.5 gram jars $42
- 7 gram jars $84

- 3.5 gram jars $26.25
- 7 gram jars $52.50

****We also offer wholesale pricing for stores, shops etc. Email for more information. Visit our website!****
Rogue Valley Inc

: Rogue Valley Inc

Grants Pass, OREGON

Just as the title says. Beautiful organically grown INDOOR hemp testing at 15.80% CBD! We cultivate high quality indoor light dep hemp flower. We only use strict organic and natural growing practices to deliver the finest boutique hemp flower available on the market. We do not use pesticides or herbicides on our hemp. Why waste time and money with finding employees to package raw flower when you can purchase our flower in beautifully prepackaged JARS of 3.5 gram and 7 gram. These are great to put directly on your store shelves with minimal handling.
We offer PREMIUM hand trimmed flower and machine trimmed flower. All of our flower is delicately handled and THOROUGHLY inspected to make sure it meets our high standards of excellence. All of our material is THOROUGHLY tested through accredited ORELAP labs for potency, water/moisture, and full pesticides to ensure our customers receive the finest hemp flower on the market. We don’t release anything that we wouldn’t or don’t use ourselves.
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Raw and lightly-processed
hemp materials only

$29.97 / listing
$9.99 per month for 3 months
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Finished and
packaged products

$99.97 / listing
$33.33 per month for 3 months
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Extracted products
and support services

$149.97 / listing
$49.99 per month for 3 months
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Business profiles and
company info

$14.97 / listing
$4.99 per month for 3 months
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