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Flower 341 10/08/2019

$ 250.00
Our farm is located just East of Eugene, Oregon. We have about 200 lbs. trimmed and ready currently, and are working to buck and trim the remaining 800 lbs. + Will be ready in a week or two. Minimum order of 100 lbs. please. We also have hand shucked (untrimmed) material that tested out over 15% CBD available at a lower price point as well.
Northwest OG Hemp
AG-R1047251IHG / 83-5339351

: Ryan

Springfield, OR

We have some nice looking and smelling trimmed flower for sale. It is mostly Rogue and Umpqua genetics. It tested out at over 17% CBD and under .01% thc. $250 per lb. on orders between 100 to 500 lbs., over 500 lbs, $225 per lb. We also have some shucked material (untrimmed) at a lower price point as well. Contact me for details.
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