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Since 1991 Hungry Mother Organics has been growing organic plants and produce for our friends and neighbors in the high Sierra mountains. In 2018, Sierra Nevada Hemp Company joined Hungry Mother Organics creating a unified force to grow and process the best USDA certified organic CBD hemp possible. In that same year, we harvested our first premium CBD hemp crop with great success. From this initial success, we look forward to sharing many more years of energy and the spirit for life with our friends, neighbors, associates, and loyal customers.
We are excited to offer our premium organic hemp flowers in four strains to the market. Our organic hemp flower is available in several products; Bulk flower, Hemp Solo Pre-Rolls, and processed, full-spectrum CBD infusions. We are offering our creations to wholesale businesses, distributors, and consumers. If you are interested in bulk quantities of premium hemp flowers, or custom extracted CBD Wholly Oil, please contact us for pricing and details.

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