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SoluScience, based in Boulder, CO, has developed an innovative patent-pending technology for fast-acting water-soluble cannabinoids which customers feel in 3-9 minutes and whose beneficial health effects last for hours.

We offer a liquid concentrate with 20,000 active mg/liter and a solid flake/powder with 200,000 active mg/kilo manufactured in a cGMP and ISO 9001 lab. Products include: water-soluble CBD, CBG, CBN, Broad Spectrum Distillate, Full Spectrum Distillate, and custom blends such as "Happy Mellow" containing 50% Broad-Spectrum CBD Distillate, 25% CBG Isolate, and 25% CBN Isolate (please see attached COA).

In addition, SoluScience offers a skincare line with water-soluble Vitamin A (Retinol) combined with water-soluble CBD isolate. SoluRetinol is highly effective as an anti-aging serum to reduce wrinkles and to treat acne.

Our liquid concentrate is designed for cannabis-infused beverages and tinctures. The solid flake/powder is ideal for capsules, tablets, foods, and chocolate.

Samples Available
At a small fee, we will send you a 30mL samples. Contact: or call (303) 413-8252.
SoluScience, LLC
1 liter
Bank Wire, Cash, Check, Money Order, Credit Cards

: Neshama Abraham

SoluScience has pioneered a game-changing water-soluble delivery system to make cannabinoids highly bioavailable, stable, and fully soluble in water. Our small particle size allows cannabinoid molecules to easily cross the cell wall, and immediately enter the blood stream. People feel the beneficial effects typically within 3-9 minutes, and our chemistry enables the cannabinoids to circulate in the blood stream for hours.

Product features:
• Consistent Dosing/Serving Sizes • Full Traceability • Affordable • Easy to Add to Beverages • Shelf Stability Documented at 18 months • Documented Nano Molecule Size • FDA Compliant Label • Non-Ionic (no particles cling to sides of cans or bottles).

Additional Offerings
-- Product formulation
-- Tolling service to water-solubilize your isolate and distillate
-- Customer licensing agreement to make water-soluble cannabinoids at your own facility.

Neshama Abraham,, 303-413-8252 (O), 303-596-4628 (M).

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