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Crystal Clear • No Particles or Foam • Fully Soluble • Quick On-Set Time • Full Traceability • Low Cost
• Easy to Add to Beverages & Edibles

Water Soluble Products:
CBD Isolate, CBG, CBN, Broad Spectrum THC-Free Distillate, Full Spectrum (THC compliant), and Custom Blends.
Free samples available.

Product Features:
Solubility, Stability and Bioavailability

Two Concentrations:
SoluFlake (similar to coconut flakes) with 20% CBD potency
SoluSyrup liquid concentrate (not sweet) with 2% CBD potency: 1 drop contains 1.0 mg of active CBD.

About SoluScience
SoluScience is a water soluble hemp extract raw ingredient supplier based in Boulder, CO. We have an FDA compliant nutritional label. The SoluScience non-active water soluble ingredients have been used in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and micronutrient applications. We have full traceability of our raw ingredients and the production process.

Contact Neshama Abraham to learn more and request a complimentary sample of our innovative water soluble broad spectrum T Free CBD distillate, CBD isolate or CBG distillate.; office land line: 303-413-8252; cell: 303-596-4628.
1 kilo
Bank Wire, Cash, Check, Money Order, Credit Cards

: Neshama Abraham

Boulder, CO

SoluScience has pioneered a game-changing water soluble delivery system to make cannabinoids highly bioavailable, stable, and fully solubilized. Our small particle size (less than 100 nanometers) allows the cannabinoid molecules to easily cross the cell wall and enter the blood stream. People feel the beneficial effects within minutes — as compared to hemp-oil based products that can take 1 hour to be metabolized and felt in the body.

Our Chief Science Officer spent his career as a PhD medical organic chemist focusing on water solubility. SoluScience uses a patent pending process to create a molecular matrix that keeps the cannabinoid molecules fully solubilized in water. This innovative delivery system allows for all cannabinoids to show on COAs (unlike fully encapsulated nano technology.) Because the SoluScience molecule is non-ionic, it has a neutral charge and particles will not attract to the sides or bottom of beverage containers.
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