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Specialty Handling LLC
1300 Bethel Drive
Eugene, OR 97402

: Donally Harrison

Eugene, Oregon

Mesh-belt hemp dryers are designed to dehydrate many acres of harvested plant material in a short period of time, and without requiring much production footprint.
Specialty Handling is the authorized USA Sales Agent for Gongyi Guoxin Machinery Factory in China — a global leader and manufacturer of the world’s best mesh-belt hemp dryer.
We offer dryers for any scale operation, including mobile dryers designed to be operated close to the fields and minimize your crop transportation costs. The flagship GX-12 model is rated for up to 500kg (~ 1,000 pounds) of wet material input per hour and discharging about 100kg (~ 220 pounds) per hour of dried material.
Let us provide the right tools to dry your hemp like a professional. Our cost-effective solutions for hemp drying will exceed your requirements for superior value and performance.
Ready to take the next step?
Get a quote and order your mesh-belt hemp dryer directly from our USA Sales Agent.
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Raw and lightly-processed
hemp materials only

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$9.99 per month for 3 months
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Finished and
packaged products

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Extracted products
and support services

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Business profiles and
company info

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