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Equipment 622 03/15/2020

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: Charles David

Selma, Oregon

Welcome to Locust Industrial, your source for high-quality production farming equipment. Our products are designed to save time and labor for industrial hemp while streamlining production, eliminating wasted efforts, and maximizing ROI. The VD-1480 Bucking Machine is a very effective machine designed to remove flower from the stem quick & cleanly. The VD-1480 is built from industrial-grade materials and utilizes high quality parts in its construction. The VD-1480 has 2 work stations and is capable of de-stemming more than 200lb/hour of flower. With a variable speed motor, the VD-1480 can process wet or dry material by simply inserting stems into the correct sized die-hole where the machine removes the flower from the stems. With minimal maintenance, the VD-1480 will provide years of service. Ships with 2 round hole dies and 2 star hole dies. 5 year warranty.
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