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Anthony Mooney 4812 Monette Drive, Corpus Christi, TX 78412 Ordered a pound of my hemp buds, promised to pay through CashApp. I mailed the pound, it was delivered 6-19-21. He never paid. View

Flower 01/14/2021

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$ 80.00
Priced to sell quick at $80 per pound of CBD buds.
10.82% total cannabinoids. Stored in 55 gallon food grade steel barrels, sealed, turned and burped frequently.
Can haul to you if you are in or near Colorado, otherwise you will need to pay for shipping.
Bulk discounts. I have just over 200 pounds left.
Make me an offer!
SD Wix Corp
1 LB
Cash App, PayPal, Venmo

: Steve Wix

Very nice CBD buds of OC Kush. 10.82% total cannabinoids.
Kept in food grade steel 55 gallon drums, sealed.
Burped and turned over frequently.
Kept at around 65 degrees and in great condition. Not too dry and not wet, with Boveda 2 way humidity control packs in each barrel.
These buds are great for pre-rolls.
Hand trimmed and air dried.
I still have about 210 lbs.
Make me an offer!

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