Lance Michael Ward


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Flower 05/26/2020

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$ 5.00
For Pickup or delivery only (standard mileage charge $0.60 per mile). if you'd like to get a better feel for who were are!

Call 309-333-7462 with any questions!
Stoney Branch Ag Venutres
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: Lance Michael Ward

Trim hasn't been grounded up or milled is sold as, COA came in at 9.88% CBD with No-Detectable Delta 9 THC. Will send a 10. gram sample for cost of shipping, all orders received pays shipping cost. Trim was collected from the catches of our Triminator machine so it contains leaf material, popcorn, kief, and shake; was stored in hemp sac bags.

Several Strain options to choose from including:

Magic Bullet
Cherry Wine
Berry Blossom
White CBG

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