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Flower 05/25/2021

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$ 150.00
Come and get it while its hot we've got a limited variety after pre orders wiped out over half of our crop! If you're looking for fresh, premium light dep flower you've come to the right place! If you've haven't tried our Cats Meow you need to, its got a sweet tangie nose, nice dense buds, and the smoke on it is as smooth as you'll find!

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Stoney Branch Ag Ventures LLc
1/2 LB
Square, Wire Transfer, Zelle

: Lance Michael Ward

Strains: Cats Meow 15.81% CBD (This classic tangie strain boasts light green buds, prominent orange hairs, and dense buds that trim up perfectly). Our Cats Meow Popcorn would work great for premium pre rolls or for Delta 8 premium smalls.


1-5 LB $175/LB
5-10 LB $150/LB
10-20 LB $125/LB

We'll provide a 3.5 gram sample for the cost of shipping

If you have any questions reach out too me directly either at my cell (309-333-7462) or email (

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