Lance Michael Ward


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Flower 434 09/30/2019

$ 350.00
Magic Bullet: $350 per lb
Cats Meow: $350 per lb
Cherry Wine: $325 per lb

COA's and growers license available upon request
Stoney Branch Ag Ventures

: Lance Michael Ward

Rushville, IL

Stoney Branch Ag Ventures is a 5th Generation family farming operation located in Schuyler County just outside of Rushville, Illinois. We’re doing a research trial on CBD smokable flower production with Western Illinois University this year and will be offering different varieties of CBD smokable flower that will be available for purchase in Mid to Late November. Our chief operating officer is named Justin Ward he earned a Bachelors of Science in Agriculture from Western Illinois University before moving to Colorado to pursue a career in the emerging cannabis industry. He is very experienced in facility design and management and has worked for some of the largest cannabis companies in the world over the last 5 years so he has a lot of experience with producing very high end flower. We’re currently finishing construction on 9,700 square foot of state of the art, fully automated greenhouse space that will be used for year round indoor flower production.
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