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Packaged 538 08/22/2019

10.5% CBD composite test of RN13A & RN13E. High quality hand shucked, nice terpenes, 500lbs remaining @ $18.50 lb or $1850for 100lb sacks.
We also have our oil product line @ wholesale:
Full Spectrum 1000mg/ 40 count capsules $25 bottle -
Full Spectrum 1000mg 1oz blend ( Licorice ) $25 bottle
Full Spectrum 1200mg 8oz massage oil $30 bottle
$ 18.50
500 lbs/ 1200 Units/ 500 units
100 lbs/ 50
Credit Card/ Cashiers check/ Direct Deposit

: suswhopman7

La Farge, WI

Direct from our farm to you! You can white label or support our brand. We have available a 25mg capsule, 1% CBG/ 6% CBC, 40 capsules to a bottle, 1000mg total CBD, 1720mg total extract oil per bottle. Carrier-organic hemp seed oil. Made with our AC/DC oil. Your getting the good Omega 6/ 3 fatty acids. Bottle is double sealed with disectant. All 3rd party COA’s, COC’s, state tests, GFMP full panel tests, & organic certificates available upon request.

Our 1000mg 1oz blend has a MCT carrier Oil with Anise oil as flavoring. Blended from our Abacus oil.

Our 1200mg 8oz massage oil made with Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond oil, and Eucalyptus oil. Blended from our Abacus oil.

We also have smokeable flower available @ 12.5% - 16.5% TC.

We don’t use plastic, herbacide, pesticides, conventional fertilizers or machines on our crops!

Linda - oldschool777@msn.com
Michael - willowtophempwi@yahoo.com
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