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🟩 Wholesale / Private label carts (No Branding) 🟩

🏷️ 100+ Units - $5.00/pc

MOQ 100 units per flavor

🟩 Wholesale / Yacht Club Life™ Branded Carts 🟩

🏷️ 20+ Units - $7.00/pc

MOQ 20 units per flavor

Retails for $29.00 plus shipping!

✅ Verified FULL Chain of Custody (Plant --> Crude --> Distillate --> Retail vape)
✅ DEA Registered Lab
✅ 98%+ Delta 8
✅ Non Detect D9 Content
✅ Natural Terpenes for flavoring
✅ Completely Clear
✅ Fast Shipping
✅ Cheapest Prices
✅ Most Importantly - No BS

📱 (727) 433-4859
📧 sales@tampapremiums.com

Contact us for samples!

🟩 Do you Need: 🟩
- Full branding (logos, product labels)
- Website (ecommerce)
- Hemp Merchant account ( credit card processing online?)
- All of the above for a great price?

Contact us today at sales@tampapremiums.com
🌴Tampa Premiums
🏢 86-3898959
$ 5.00
🔢 100,000
✔️Wholesale - 100pc Per Sku ✔️Branded - 20pc Per Sku
💳 Card, Wire, ACH

: Tampa Premiums

⭐Get wholesale / Private label and branded carts here!⭐

At Tampa Premiums™ we understand the importance of sourcing safe and compliant delta 8 distillate. We have the full chain of custody for every drop of distillate that goes into our vape products. From farm to retail we know exactly where our oil is coming from. We also use all natural terpenes to ensure our customers get an organic hemp experience.

We have wholesale private label D8 Carts and our branded "Yacht Club Life" D8 carts ready to ship. Get your D8 vapes from the most reliable guys in the game - contact us now.

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