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Flower 10/16/2020

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$ 500.00
Pricing tiered by volume; call for quote
Shipping avail through USPS, UPS, Freight
We have a variety of flower options & price points, call to discuss

D8 Vapes, D8 & CBD Gummies, Live Resin, Dabs, Bulk Liters, and Prerolls
1 lb
Cash, Wire, Check, Direct Deposit, ACH Transfer

: The Hemp Collect

Our Delta 8 flower is treated in a proprietary method that gives it a lighter green & frostier appearance than most. For bulk orders, we can discuss what your desired outcome is with the flower and make sure we get you the best option from our supply or make you a custom order (MOQ 10lbs). We can spray lighter or heavier and have several variations that can be tweaked to ensure you are satisfied with the flower. Some customizations include:

Add THCv to the flower
Add Live resin to the flower
Choose from CBD or CBG kief or combo
Add terpenes hemp-derived or botanical

We supply some of the industry's biggest brands & have large lots for our flower options so our buyers have consistency with their supply and don't have to vet new flower strains constantly.
(503) 438-6783

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