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Flower 12/14/2020

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$ 750.00
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Live Resin, Dabs, Bulk Liters, D8 Vapes, D8 & CBD Gummies, and Cigerettes/Prerolls
The Hemp Collect
10 lbs
Wire, Check, Wire, Direct Deposit

: The Hemp Collect

We have been in the industry since the first year when people realized they could pull the flower out of biomass, trim it and sell it. We have seen thousands of lbs of different genetics over the years & can say with authority: This flower is the nicest indoor flower at this price point. It has a morphology indicative of indoor flower that buyers look for and is a lighter green color, with good trich coverage. This flower is being grown monthly in volume so supply is consistent eliminating the pain of constantly having to source new flower. If you would like to order a sample lb or discuss your order needs give us a call.


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