Scott D Wood


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Flower 03/31/2021

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$ 200.00
1-24 pounds shipped in bags
25 pounds and over shipped in barrels
Thistle and Hemp Farms
5 pounds
Bank Wire

: Scott D Wood

At Thistle and Hemp Farms we take pride in quality, not quantity by using the highest standards for cultivation.

Each plant is personally cared for by our passionate team acting in harmony with the environment and deeply rooted in the love of nature. Our passion for this plant matches how we cultivate; by placing handcrafted value on time and methods used. We handle every step of the production process to ensure our premium products.

To provide the highest quality CBD product we hand harvest each plant. Harvesting is a very labor intensive step as we cut each plant, pick it out of the field, and haul it to the drying facility where it is hung to dry. The bulk flower listed has been machine trimmed.

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