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Flower 06/27/2021

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$ 350.00
Top Shelf Bubba kush Hemp flower starting at $450/lb for single lb and lower in volume.
-100lbs @ $300/lb
(Can have Delta8 THC and kief added as well)

Several strains available
-Og kush
-sour space candy
-berry blossom
-abacus 2.0

Indoor available in limited quantities and pricing. Just call me for availability.

-usps next day priority express shipping

Payment accepted:
Cashapp, Venmo, wire, cash if local, credit card (CC no more than $2000)
Texas Hemp Culture
Cashapp, Venmo, wire, credit card

: Texas Hemp Culture

We have the best hemp at super competitive pricing. We want YOU TO MAKE MONEY if reselling. We are in this to work together, to build lasting reciprocal business relations

What we have for you is high quality hemp for low pricing. We don’t mess with low quality flower. We have great products and most our customers are all loyal returning members of our hemp fam now.

You have nothing to lose from contacting me to see where we can work together. Let’s get it!!

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