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Distillate 2483 06/04/2019

THC FREE DISTILLATE Clients. We have the ability for THC remediation from Each individual liter for a processing fee.
We also have processing capabilities for your products --------------------------- Winterizing Crude: Distillation Processing for Crude
Loud Trading Group

: unitedhemptrading

East, Oregon

$3500 kg
65% Crude oil Winterized and decarbed available
CRD available
GMP Certified
FDA Certified
Loud Trading is an Organization which produces and negotiates bulk CBD Product volume discount pricing and processes extractions including raw crude, winterized decarbed crude, distillates and Isolates for clients nation wide.
**All Prices are subject to change without notice due to market conditions and availability**
For more details and price quotes on all products, please contact J. Prez at 917-765-0455
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