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    Make sure to have proper airflow otherwise mold will spread in a matter of hours when in a warehouse environment

    We utilize multiple harvest methods. Sun drying, hang drying in climate controlled warehouses, and hemp dryer (forced air and heat). It all depends on the location of the plot and the desired application for the finished material.

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    What the company above said. All of those uses.

    The most horrifying one is using them in cigarettes/pre-rolls. It’s a shady way to trick consumers into thinking they’re smoking fresh hemp and getting high CBD. Not to mention most material will still have residual solvents like ethanol, etc..

  • It depends on your state. In short, yes you can get away with growing any seed because the industry is so new. Regulations and enforcement methods are still being developed.

    However, most people think all hemp seeds are the same. If you aren’t careful with your genetics, it’ll lead to crop failure. One should purchase from a reputable brand that…[Read more]

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    For anyone who’s wondering, water extraction allows you to go from biomass to a full spectrum “isolate” (not one isolated molecule, but multiple cannabinoids in a powder/crystaline form) through advanced filtration methods and other critical steps. That’s right, you can skip all of the different oils and post refinement processes that are the norm…[Read more]

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    CO2 or Ethanol really depends on the final product. Both methods will make a first stage winterized “crude” oil but that word means different things depending on the extraction method.

    CO2 Full spectrum “crude” is ready to be used after extraction as it will be much more pure than ethanol extract. Ethanol is a great option for bulk extraction…[Read more]

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    Harvest is the most overlooked and challenging part of the entire crop cycle. Preparing fields, managing, etc. is considered extremely easy when compared to the logistics of harvesting. We’ve seen many farmers lose their entire crop because they underestimated what it actually takes to harvest this crop.

    The biggest issue comes from the lack of a…[Read more]

  • I think we’ll be in the $15-20/lb ballpark for 10-12% material from October-December with prices creeping back up in January-March and peaking around May-July.

    Like you said, impossible to know for sure without a crystal ball.

    Quality will be an important factor, most farmers should worry about how many acres they can harvest instead of how…[Read more]

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    Glad to know you’re getting the information you need! That’s correct, a majority of the biomass on the market right now contains seeds. If you wanted to get super picky about it, you could have a grass seed cleaning facility clear your batch or purchase the equipment yourself. Try it this year and see for yourself which works best for your…[Read more]

  • Hi All,

    When posting please leave the sales pitches in the listings section. We don’t want to create a snowball effect of vendors coming to the forums to push products.


  • Rafael replied to the topic CBD: Feminized Seeds in the forum Growing Hemp 6 months, 1 week ago

    You’re right, it’s very difficult to decipher the current information when it comes to hemp cultivation. To succeed with this crop, you need an equal balance of cannabis and traditional agricultural experience mindset. There are many ways to accomplish the same task and the best ways will show themselves over the next few years. A lot of trial and…[Read more]

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  • Crude:
    First stage of extraction, normally done via ethanol, BHO, or CO2. Produces a dark oil with many terpenes and flavonoids. Prices vary depending on method with ethanol being the cheapest around $1,500/L and CO2 closer to $3,000/L.

    Filtration through distillation. Crude oil is refined to remove the flavonoids and terpenes,…[Read more]

  • While exact numbers can fluctuate drastically depending on many factors, the average cost of production including harvest should be around $5-10k/acre with yields of 1500-2000 lbs/acre of dry, usable flower around 9-13% CBD homogenized.

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  • Nice and informative post, Keith!

    Figured I would chime in since you’ve got the first post on the cultivation section and many eyes will come this way. For some new hemp farmers, feminized seeds are the way to go. The main reasons are:

    – Less maintenance required to fields due to not having to remove as many males after they start to show…[Read more]

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