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High quality products at great prices!!! Visit us at: http://www.virentvalley.com View

Flower 03/19/2021

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$ 225.00
Virent Valley Farms has 4 strains to choose from: All were grown from seed using organic practices, hang dried for superior quality, and trimmed tightly by hand for a beautiful finish. Each strain is dense, seedless, free of mold, and contains a strong terpene profile. We are a smaller family owned farm so please allow 1 day for orders over 100 lbs to be packaged and shipped. Each shipment will be sealed to preserve freshness and aromas. Tracking information will always be provided. For any questions please contact:

Edward: 541-531-8066

Check us out at: www.VirentValley.com


D8 Moon Rocks:
CBD/CBG: $425/lb

D8 Infused Flower Lightly Covered With Kief (10-13%):
Bubba Kush: $225/lb
Hempress: $235/lb (sold out)
Hawaiian Haze: $235/lb (sold out)
White CBG: $235/lb (sold out)

86.8% CBG Distillate: $450/750ml

CBD & CBG Kief:
Hempress: $80/lb
Hawaiian Haze: $80/lb
Bubba Kush: $80/lb
White CBG: $125/lb
CBDV: $50/lb (sold out)

Tight Hand Trimmed Premium CBD and CBG Flower (Bulk Prices Available Give Us A Call):

CBD/CBG: $80/lb

Multiple pricing available:

Bubba Kush (14% CBD): Large dense flower with a pungent sweet aroma.
Hawaiian Haze (15% CBD): Dense medium sized flower with a strong sweet tropical lemon aroma. (sold out)
Hempress (14% CBD): Dense medium sized flower with a strong piney, floral aroma. (sold out)

White CBG (13% CBG): Snow white large sized flower with a bold lemon aroma ($150)

Forbidden V and Pine Walker (Kief): $135/lb (sold out)

We also have smalls for sale:

To place an order please call or text 541-531-8066. Payment must be confirmed before order can be shipped. We are a small farm so depending on order size please allow 1 day before order is shipped (tracking provided). Returns will not be excepted due to COVID 19 restrictions. Your order will be handled with care and with all health precautions. We accept credit/debit, wires, cash, ACH transfers, Apple Pay, PayPal, Zelle, and Venmo.
Virent Valley Farms LLC
1 Pound
Credit/Debit, Wires, Cash, ACH transfers, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Venmo.

: Edward Martinez

www.VirentValley.com Moon Rocks, D8 Infused Flower, Kief, and CBG Distillate. Virent Valley Farms is a small family owned farm in southern Oregon. We are committed to providing quality products at a reasonable price. What you see is what you will get. We can send samples that will be an accurate representation of the products you purchase. With more than 8 years of experience in the cannabis industry you can only expect a superior, fresh, and green product; hence the name Virent. Pronounced VEE-RENT. We look forward to meeting new clients and meeting your expectations.

Always fresh. Always green. Always Virent.

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