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We have a new lot of 3000 pounds of Purple Kush organic out of California available tomorrow (6/28) and 1500 ponds of Legendary that just hit the ground @ $300. Please order your samples today. View

Flower 168 06/27/2020

$ 235.00
Price @ $200-$300 for our best hand trimmed flower...MOQ 500lbs for those price points. We are selling larger amounts over the last 2 weeks so inventory is a factor on availability and quantities but we have no problem hitting 1,000 lbs a week per strain, for the next 3-4 weeks. We are backing up on hand trimming. We can arrange shipping. FOB Vermont or grower location.
Vermont Canna Company, LLC
100 lb
bank transfers and wires

: CBD Kush

Huntington, Vermont

We specialize in high end hemp flower. Hand Trimmed and carefully selected. No shake or Smalls in our pounds! Only the nice juicy nugs are separated for our wholesale buyers.

Strains Available:
•Bubba Kush
•Pineapple Express
• Stormy Daniels
•Purple Kush
•Purple Gelato V2
•Hawaiian Haze
•Wedding Cake
•Hempress Kush
.Cherry wine
.R3 Sweet
.Bubba Ceiba
.Cherry Cieba

call Tom @ (307) 203-5639
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