George Williamson


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Flower 05/10/2021

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$ 350.00
$350/lb for 1-9 pounds
$300/lb for 10 or more pounds

Half Ounce Samples by request $20
WAGO Enterprises, LLC
1/2 Ounce
Cash, Check, Wire Transfer, ACH, Credit Card, Cash App

: George Williamson

100% Solventless D8 Infusion, Gas or Sweet Terps, 6-8% Potency,

COA on Hand Trimmed White CBG flowers,

White Kief Dusting for Improved Shelf Appeal,

Tahoe OG Terps are Gassy,

Double Bubble Terps are Sweet,

$350/lb for 1-9 pounds

$300/lb for 10+ pounds

Most orders are made to order. For 10 pounds or more, we require half down to begin processing. Time to completion is usually less than 3 days of first payment. Shipping is handled via UPS and quoted to order. Please provide your address with your inquiry for a complete quote and expedited order processing.

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