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Columbia valley hemp

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May 1, 2018

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Columbia Valley Hemp Farms lies between the mid-Columbia River and Mt. Hood National Forest approximately 7 miles from The Dalles, Oregon. Sitting at 1,000 feet elevation, the farm’s deep root-loving soil paired with the ideal sun from the southern facing slopes, yields hemp of the highest quality. Warm, dry and breezy days with cool nights allows for dense, high potency flower with little mildew pressures.
Founded in 2018, owners Richard and Brett, began Columbia Valley Hemp Farms as a way to introduce sustainable hemp farming practices, with the goal of improving lives. Combining over 20+ years of agriculture and cannabis experience, webelieve in what we do as much as the quality of how we do it.
From the very beginning our focus has been producing the world’s finest flower using only award winning, non-GMO, organic certified hemp seeds from Oregon CBD. We are dedicated to using organic growing practices, while re-imaging farming techniques.
We work every day to ensure that each harvest is better than the last and that every CBD flower that bears the Columbia Valley Hemp Farms brand is one you can trust to be excellent. We harvest and pick our plants by the skilled hands of our team, relying on time tested techniques, in unison with modern technology and of course, a few tricks we have learned over time. Columbia Valley Hemp Farms offers a variety of CBD flower strains and products. Individually our CBD flower strainsare each very distinct, yet they all share the common qualities ofstructure, trichomes and terpenes.
We are a farm that focuses primarily on commercial distribution to retailers and wholesale vendors worldwide who share the same goals, customer service, integrity and vision we do.

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