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Flower 02/19/2021

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$ 90.00
2021 Hand Trimmed Hot Blonde Flower
1 lb/$160 per
5 lb/$150 per
10 lb/$140 per

2021 Machine Trimmed Hot Blonde Flower
1 lb/$100 per
5 lb/$95 per
10 lb/$90 per

2020 Machine Trimmed Hot Blonde Flower
1 lb / $60 per
5 lb / $55 per
10 lb $50 per
Yodi Hemp
1 Lb
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: Yodi Hemp

New 2021 Harvest is ready! Tested at 18.1% CBD with 0% delta 9 detected, crystally lime green buds are machine trimmed or hand trimmed to order! This potent hemp was sun grown, long cured and has and amazing citrusy aroma, and very smooth taste. We also still have a little 2020 harvest left over, available at huge discount. All deals available on our website yodihemp.com. Call or email us with any questions or reasonable offers!

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