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You’re right, it’s very difficult to decipher the current information when it comes to hemp cultivation. To succeed with this crop, you need an equal balance of cannabis and traditional agricultural experience mindset. There are many ways to accomplish the same task and the best ways will show themselves over the next few years. A lot of trial and error is still required.

We personally won’t ever farm hemp on large-scale cultivation from clones again. We made roughly 120k clones and 500k seedlings in 2018. The seedlings had a lower cost of production, faster-easier-cheaper transplant rate, faster growth rate, more hardy, and heavier yields.

While most people still prefer feminized varieties, as we all gain more experience we’re starting to realize seeds in the middle of biomass isn’t that big of a deal. Some of the reasons are you only see an impact of 10-20% in yields and flowers can still reach the 15-20% CBD range. It becomes very difficult to control males that pop up on larger plots and cross-pollination from other farms. If you’re going for biomass, we don’t find it necessary for males to be removed. If the goal is a smokable flower, then it’s best to have flowers that are seedless.

USA Hemp has been in the industry since 2015 and currently farms a little over 300 acres. In addition, we’ve had the chance to become vertically integrated from CO2 extraction to a retail line of products. Having made just about every mistake you can think of in this industry (and we’re not done!), we don’t mind sharing what we’ve learned. Ask away if you have any other questions.

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