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So Rafael if I let a field go to seed I really will be able to harvest it dry it and be able to sell it as bios mass? I am glad I joined this place. I have already made friends and acquired contacts through this site. My plan keeps getting bigger. I am going to try and stick with females in my primary farm location with probably 4 varieties. But after reading your post maybe I should plant seeds in a couple of other locations 18 miles away and let them seed out since I have free land and plenty of seed. My partner and myself are doing this full time. Maybe were crazy our 1 acre keeps growing, were now maybe at 15-20 acres. Plus I have another 2 locations with acreage. Will have about 18000 seedlings planted in our greenhouse this weekend. Not new to the plant or crop farming. Just new to a large grow. My biggest concern is harvesting a large quantity and mainly I do not have buyers yet.

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