Reply To: Fraudulent Websites (Updated)

Tim LeGrand

Actually ordered yesterday – a day before finding this post. After getting this info, here is what transpired for us:
Ordered from
Got an email receipt from our credit card order showing Rentals Direct LTD as the seller… this was fishy to begin with.
Found this site and fraud warnings about them.
Headed home from work to contact card company about this fraud and stop payment, but just as I was pulling into my driveway, i get a call from them saying the card did not go through and asked to send me info to make a wire transfer.
I said sure… LOL He asked if he could text it to me, I said it was best to email so I could print it out.
Contact info on their website:
1923 SE 160th Ave, Portland, OR 97233
503 610 4562
E-mail Us
Emailed info they just now sent to me:
Lewis Edison
3008 S Roan Str
Johnson City TN 37601
ACCOUNT #: 118784049
ROUTING #: 064208165
BANK ADDRESS: 203 Broyles Dr, Johnson City TN, 37601
I have a BBT right down the street from me. I will alert them of this account being used for fraud.
So glad I found this website. I would not have sent a bank wire anyway, but it is funny now that my card didn’t get charged and I wont have to wait for a refund from the card company.
By the way, the spf email record does not match the site it says it was sent from. So probably routing through a throw away gmail account.

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