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Harvest is the most overlooked and challenging part of the entire crop cycle. Preparing fields, managing, etc. is considered extremely easy when compared to the logistics of harvesting. We’ve seen many farmers lose their entire crop because they underestimated what it actually takes to harvest this crop.

The biggest issue comes from the lack of automated equipment for this crop.
If hang drying, it takes roughly 4,000 sqft per acre.
Most dryers on the industry make false claims. The average we’ve seen is around 100-500 lbs of dry material per hour.

Forage harvesters will almost eliminate in-field harvesting labor but then you’ll have stalk mixed in with your biomass and potency will decrease drastically. In addition, the material must still be dried afterwards which is more challenging when including stalks.

Some farmers are bailing the material wet but we would not recommend that route. The material will still need to be dried afterwards and the products will smell like ammonia and look black. Although there still is CBD in it and would make decent isolate material.

Combines will not separate the material wet, it needs to be between 8-15% moisture. In addition, there are modifications that’s required for a combine to successfully separate this plant. A stock unit will not yield good results and not all combines are the same.

How do you plan to harvest this year?

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