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Outer Space!

In the Summer 2016, I was a senior Engineering student at the University of Central Florida interning at Jeff Bezos space company, Blue Origin in Kent, Washington. I was completely out of my element here, being from across the country in Miami, Florida and my previous Engineering experience was building Formula 1 style racecars. I had no clue about anything aerospace because for years I was obsessed with Electric Vehicles since Tesla released the Roadster and Model S!

Everything changed Week 7 of my Internship! We had a meeting with Mission Assurance Officer, Jeff Ashby. He detailed the journey of a Blue Origin customer preparing for a rocket launch into low earth orbit. The acceleration of the rocket, the views from LEO and Zero Gravity experience is going to leave people speechless and coming back for more! This moment changed my life 180 degrees and I knew in that moment I wanted to work on building bigger rockets to send humanity into outer space!

How I got to Hemp!
Fortunately, at the end of my Internship I got the news I was not going to be returning to Blue Origin after graduation. So…. I decided to start my own space company, and I studied the only two guys in the world who had a private space company (Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos) and realized I was going to need make 100’s of millions before I can start this type of company.

At the time, I was a recreational Cannabis user so somewhere in the back of my mind, I remember hearing people making a lot of money in the Cannabis industry. So I did my research and holy smokes was I amazed at the Medicinal benefits of Cannabis specifically the 80+ Cannabinoids and 100’s of Terpenes that will replace entire pharma industry. After some months, I thought I knew it all until this rabbit hole of research led me to Industrial Hemp. Again, I was blown away by the opportunity Industrial Hemp offers to sustainably replace the raw materials for dozens of Industries while providing additional benefits to the environment.

I quickly realized the enormous opportunity can help many communities around the world leapfrog out of poverty and provide better, healthier alternatives than the mainstream. I thought this is an industry I can make my dreams happen while helping people around the world. WIN-WIN!! However, I soon realized the threat big companies pose and their history of dominating industries for profit over people.
I had to take a stand.

So I set out on a mission, moved to Los Angeles, CA to develop a solution that will provide communities the infrastructure to establish Hemp businesses within a cooperative model that uplift communities and humanity towards sustainable production of goods.

Two years later I’m happy to report the mission is almost complete! The strategy has been designed, multiple leaders around the world are involved and the troops are assembling! Our next step is to deliver the package and let the Hemp community roar!

That’s my story, If you want to find out more, give me a holler!
If you want to join this war, give me a holler!
If you are not sure, stay home. We need warriors in this battle!

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