Reply To: J&D Hill Farms & Comexi SCAM

Khalid H

SCAM COMPLETE SCAM AVOID J&D HEMP FARMS at all costs! I ordered from them originally on 6 Aug, they said they would sent out the order 2 days later because the Zelle payment needed to clear. 2 days later I e-mailed for an update no response. I gave it 3-4 more days and reached out to them again…no response. I then used my wife’s phone and texted them pretending to be a new customer and they answered right away! When I asked them what was going on with my order and why they seem to be avoiding me they said that there was a 2lb minimum! And then they went back to ignoring me! I then tried to use this little chat message thing on their website…once again if they think you are a new customer they answer right away…if they know it is you they will ignore it. 2 weeks now…no response from them and no order πŸ™ To make matters worse, HempRAWmarketplace still allow these scammers to advertise on their site! I can post a screenshot to this forum if anyone would like to see my e-mail correspondence with these scammers. Don’t EVER use Zelle for payments as a piece of advice.

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