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Anne Jefferson

We each have a unique story, yet yet these stories all fit within a larger narrative. Like many of us, I came to the hemp and CBD space as a means to heal pain. Upon learning more I became a hemp enthusiast, spreading the gospel of cannabis. As a chemist, climate scientist and former Kansan, I saw the strong synergistic relationship of hemp’s environmental sustainability, an economic engine to save failing farm communities and hemp’s potential to turn around the opioid crisis.

I talked with many who used hemp. They loved the product, for some it was a lifesaver, but everyone complained about the cost. I thought an easy remedy to this was to form a hemp coop that sold CBD tinctures and creams at cost. I bought a kilo of crude extract and started making tinctures and balms. The tinctures and balms worked moderately well, but not great. I took a look at the ingredients on other CBD products and my chemist’s brain lit up. I could do better. I set out to formulate products with high bioavailability that are targeted for specific conditions.

I looked into what medical reserachers were doing with cannabinoids and read every clinical and scientific study on cannabinoids I could find. I ditched the beeswax, shea butter and other exotic oils and found ingredients that worked synergistically with CBD. I started talking to people in the pharmceutical and cosmetic industries. What methods did they use to promote bioavailability? I then conferred with my neighbor Pamela, an essential oil wiz, and got the low down on how terpenes in essential oils can heal certain conditions. I set off and made my own formulas.

Today, I’m the owner of CBD Rescue. I make transdermal products that are formulated to help heal specific conditions such as insomnia, migraines, psoriasis and eczema, arthritis, acne. CBD Rescue’s tinctures are formulated to fully absorb sublingually directly into the bloodstream. Fancier methods that use nanoparticles are out there, but they’re expensive. I think the transdermal compounds are far more effective and less expensive.

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