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I just had a very bad experience with them as well. I ordered 2 lbs of premium hand trimmed flower. Paid 500 per lb plus 25 for overnight. I recieved a tracking number after 3 days notice package didnt move in 24 hrs. I call post office I was informed it wasnt even coming to my city. I call them to figure out what’s going on, they “resent” it with another tracking number as well as sent priority again when i paid overnight. Mind you this is day 4…. I track the number SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR SIGNATURE UPON ARRIVAL. 3 days later I get a text message saying my package was dropped off at my porch. I get home the box was small so I know wasnt what i ordered. I open the package and find a saran wrap ball inside a plastic bag. Inside the saran wrap after unwrapping it was a ziplock bag with untrimmed flower. NOT TO MENTION THEY SENT PAPER TOWEL SHEETS IN PLACE OF COA SO NEVER GOT COA AS WELL. I call them after contacting my bank and attorney and they wanted me to wait for the rest of my package. I said hell no I want my refund. Luckily they did refund me for the partial package and my overnight fee. Horrible business. Then she tried to brag about being a 250 BILLION dollar company LOL they think they are Microsoft or something LOL

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