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Khalid H

They promised to send my order out the day after I paid the invoice. That didn’t happen. 2 days after I ordered and after much going back and forth…at the end of that day they provided me an ’empty’ USPS tracking number meaning a label was “created” for an item but nothing was actually dropped off. The lady (named Christine) then made excuses later on that evening saying the box was dropped off at USPS but not scanned. Interesting…when I drop off packages they always give me a receipt. I dont hear from this ‘seller’ again until this morning (after I made this post) where she shows me apparently valid USPS tracking info for a package that was attempted to be delivered BUT was returned to shipper due to incorrect address. Then she sends a screenshot of my mailing info and says “that’s the address you gave”. Funny enough, what this company wont provide is the address where THEY tried to deliver it to…it doesn’t say that on the USPS website…it just says “undeliverable”. Undeliverable to where? I gave them my address the same way I gave another vendor whom I met on this website who ACTUALLY DELIVERED the product (DM me I will hook you up!) and I recieved that order earlier this week with no issue, just as a recieve all my packages with no issue. I would strongly suggest that you dont do business with these people. Nothing but somewhat sophisticated, elaborate, and articulate scammers. DM me if you wish I will provide the public screenshots of all our interactions upon request!

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